Do you believe in Angels
Do you believe that dreams never die
Do you hang your hopes from heaven above
Do you pray each night for eternal love
  Though I have quelled the source from which I gave another
The waters lie deep and still and wide
So long as I can give I know I will recover
There's love to be drawn from this well inside
  Torn between two places has left me with such doubts
And doubt is such a taker I can do without

Must faith be blind to reason when it's neither black or white
It be something close to treason to slip into the night
  Prevailing Winds  
  There is love in abundance the kind that wears it's heart on it's sleeve
There is love made redundant just trying to fill the gaping need
  Time is so relentless shows no mercy at all
As it's soft caress erodes me til I'm feeling so damn small
And I'm trying to remember how I wound up here
But it's late and I'm found wanting trapped with the deepest fears
  Sweet As  
  For the world that I've since left behind
Like memories I no longer find
But they live in me all of the time
  Pilgrim Soul  
  I'll be fine for today for sure I'll keep on walking that road some more
And I'll remember what it's all for
When I see you there
  Courage don't desert me
Be still my heart and be brave
As the rain starts coming down now at the end of the greyest day
There just has to be a reason for all the things I do
I just wish someone would show me and I wish that I knew
  Sweet As  
  Even though I know you won't come true
I can see a smile when I see you
  Before The Memory Fades  
  Hang on my pilgrim soul
Wait for me down by the place that we know
  Pilgrim Soul