"Great voice".  
  Robbie Williams  
  "Incredible voice"  
  Brian May  
  "Great!Beautiful music".  
  Tom Jones  
  "Lovely piano playing".  
  Jools Holland  
  "Fantastic as always"  
  Mail On Sunday  
  Michael Flatley  
  "Thank you for playing this evening".  
  Sir Richard Branson after playing at a family engagement.  
  "A beautiful and sincere album".  
  Lucie Silvas  
  James Martin  
  "Sound production and a great voice".  
  Trevor Nelson  
  "His voice takes over the room perfectly counter-pointed with rounded piano tones flowing from the baby grand".  
  Alex Manda (The Gulf News)  
  "You really smoke them"!  
  Narada Michael Walden (producer to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)  
  "Beautifully crafted songs".  
  Rod Gammons (Producer/writer for Liberty X)  
  "You should have an album out".  
  James Whale  
  "You can sing"!  
  Narada Michael Walden  
  "He writes the most perfectly formed songs".  
  Tony Moore