Date   Town   Venue   Time  
21/Sep/2019      The Savoy, London   1:30pm  
05/Oct/2019   Special performance for Ride To The Wall charity   National Memorial Arboretum, Staffs, UK   12:00pm  
15/Feb/2020      The Belmond Gadogan Hotel, Kightsbridge, London   7:00pm  
21/Feb/2020      The Belmond Cadogan Hotel, Kightsbridge, London   7:00pm  
22/Feb/2020      Tha Belmond Cadogen Hotel, Knightsbridge, London   7:00pm  
28/Feb/2020      The Belmond Cadogan Hotel, Knightsbridge, London   7:00pm  
29/Feb/2020      The Belmond Cadogan Hotel, Kinghtsbridge, London   7:00pm